Today, almost every laptop is featured with Bluetooth where you can connect to your wireless device. Bluetooth lets your device connect to another electronic device where you can share photos, videos and other data even it allows you to listen to audio on headset and cell phone. If your Toshiba laptop creating problem connecting with any devices then turns off the Bluetooth feature and avoid conflict.

  • Follow these steps to resolve further conflict with your Toshiba laptop-
  • Turn on your Bluetooth discovery mode; navigate to the Bluetooth settings and turn it on.
  • Navigate to the Start, Control Panel and click on Device and Printers and tap on Add a Device. Wait for your laptop to discover other Bluetooth devices available near your network.
  • Select your Toshiba laptop and pair it with your Bluetooth device and hit the Next button.
  • Now, enter the code into your Bluetooth device to pair the two. Wait for it to connect and hit the Next button. You will see a message that says “this device has been successfully added” and press Ok.

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